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In Moscow was opened the Biennale 2010

In Moscow was opened the Biennale 2010
In Moscow was opened the Biennale 2010
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Recently, in the Moscow Manege, with a large exhibition of such famous artists as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sarah Moon, Martin Frank, Elliott Erwitt, Andrew Bezukladnikov, Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Rovers was marked the opening of the eighth international festival "Biennale 2010".

This year, the Moscow festival will please amateurs and professionals photography with a multitude of different exhibitions in the best galleries of the capital. The main topics of this year's festival are «Vive la France!», «Retrospection» and «Perspectives». In addition to the traditional show of the best and most famous photographers of the world, the eighth Biennale in Moscow will give the public an opportunity to get acquainted with works of contemporary Russian authors: Valeriy Schekoldin, Andrew Bezukladnikov, Alexander Borodulin and Alexander Slyusarev.

CEH "Manege", Manege Square., 1
March 19 - April 18:
Henri Cartier-Bresson "Photographer"
Sarah Moon "Robert Delpir. Man, showing pictures" video
Martina Frank "Photographer"
Elliott Erwitt "Retrospection"
Andrew Bezukladnikov "Transparent Time"
18 March - 27 June:
Peter Lindbergh "Invasion". "Movie"
Paolo Rovers "Studio"
"Retrospection and Prospects"

State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, Gogolevsky Boulevard.
March 10 - April 4:
"Sweet dreams of memory". For the 40th Anniversary of the International Festival "Photographic meeting in Arles".
"Ten Photographers", Sweden, 1958-2008
Robert Vano "Platinum Collection"

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Tverskoy Boulevard, 9
March 25-April 25:
"Pierre Bulla. Retrospective"
April 29 -23 May:
James Hill "Victory Day"

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Ermolaevsky Lane., 17
March 24 - April 25:
Luke Begley, Vincent Debann, Stéphane Couturier, Thibault Kyuisse, Sandrine Elberg, Dmitry Bulnygin, Yulia Bychkova, Dmitry Zheltikov, Dmitry Zverev, Alexander Kitaev, Gleb Kosorukov, Vladimir Mishukov, Igor Mukhin, Georgi Pervov, Alexander Ponomarev
Glyuklya and Heron / Factory of Found Clothes

GUM, Red Square, 3, 3 Line.
March 20-April 20:
Vladimir Yakovlev, Igor Ganzha "Living people. Part I"

Restaurant "White Square", Seleznevskaya st., 19 / 2
March 20 - May 20:
Anatoly Goryainov "Walking. Moscow-Paris"
Café des Artistes, Kamergerskiy Lane., 5 / 6
March 26-April 25:
Gregory Yaroshenko "Paris"

Fabrika Project, Olivier Hall, the hall of Padding Machine, Structure 8, Perevedenovsky Lane., 18, gate number 1
March 20-April 25:
"In the Night", John Gozar, Olivier Metzger, Olivier Mirge, Caroline Chevalier
Gleb Kosorukov "Procession", Video
Natasha Pavlovskaya «Missing Space. Donbass "
Ivan Mikhailov, "The space for solitude"
Margo Ovcharenko, "Escape"
Natasha Zhdanova, "Walks"

Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia of A.Rodchenko, 2nd Krasnoselskii Lane., 2
March 23-April 1:
«Open image»
Olga Andrianova, Elena Astashova, Alla Afonina, Dmitri Venkov, Ekaterina Gavrilova, Elena Grusitskaya, Max Devald, Petr Zhukov, Anna Zhukova, Ekaterina Zorina, Olga Ivanova, Daria Kirillova, Mikhail Kryukov, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Sofia Minasian, Pavel Ososov, Catherine Pomelova Stefan Russu, Natasha Serikova, Tatiana Sushenkova, Natalia Tabakova, Natalya Ulyanova, Virgil Ferreira, Valentin Fetisov, Nicklas Horn

State Museum of Architecture of A.V.Schusev, Vozdvizhenka st., 5
March 23 - April 18:
Francoise Yugje "Kommunalka"
Alexander Slyusarev, Aman Geld "One card, two routes"
Rajko Karishich "

Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, Prechistenka st., 19
March 29-April 25:
Alexander Borodulin "Retrospective. Part I »
Valery Schekoldin "Reverse perspective"
Reminiscences "Home. 1923-1927 "
Andrew Gordasevich "Couples. Paris. 2004-2009 "

Gallery "On Solyanka, Salsola st., 1 / 2, p. 2, entrance from ul. Zabelina
March 31 - April 25:
"Time is within us. Russia, Greece, Turkey "
Tatiana Ahmetgalieva "Happy Childhood", video
Julia Lebedeva "Place», «High Flight», video
Natalia Reznik and Denis Davydov "Virtual Dating"

Design Center ARTPLAY on Yauza, Syromiatnicheskaya st., 5 / 7
April 7 - April 15:
«Sense and Sensibility»

Gallery of the Capital City, and experience, please., 8, p.1
April 7 - April 15:
Gabriele Basilico «Intercity»
Leonid Tishkov, "Private Moon. Traveling in Paris
Francoise Yuge / Françoise Huguier «Sublime»
Alina Gutkin «Old School», video
Natalia Nikitina, "In memory of Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov"

Gallery at the "Mosfilm", Mosfilmovskaya st., 1, c. 3.
April 7 - April 25:
Juozas Budraitis "Illusion"

State exhibition hall "Manege", St. George st., 3, p. 3
April 8 - April 24:
"Elger Esser"

Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Kuznetsk Bridge st., 21 / 5, Entrance № 8, entrance from ul. B. Lubyanka
April 10 - May 10:
"Industrial archeology" Bernd and Hilla Becher
Sabine Weiss "Half a century of photography"
Anthony It's "Paradise Lost. America in Crisis "

Cinema "Pioneer", Kutuzov prospect, 21
April 13 - May 13:
World of art in France in Moscow, 1950-1960-s.

Art gallery "Tree", M. Nikitskaya., 16.
March 3 - March 11:
Irina and Valery Nagy "Life is like a movie"

EK ArtByuro, M. Kiselniy lane., 4, p. 1, Apt. 4, Intercom 4.
March 7 - April 24:
Andrey Filippov, "Imitation Matrosov

Gallery, 4-th BANKS OF., 1, p. 6, SRC Winery.
March 12 - April 11:
Rena Effendi "Life Line"
Aprey 14 - May 16:
Christopher Anderson, "New York look"

Gallery of Contemporary Art RuArts, 1-y Zachatyevsky per., 10.

March 17 - April 24:
Petr Aksenov "Infanta"

Gallery FotoLoft, 4-th BANKS OF., 1, p. 6, SRC winery.
19 March-15 May:
Oleg Videnin "subjective Paris» The Middle Ages, or Gothic XXI century

Cafe Caffeine ", cannon st., 9.
March 19 - April 19:
With Moscow + / -.
Galina Moskalev, Vladimir Shahlevich, Svetlana Tregub, Elena Churikova, Vadim Moskalev, Svetlana Gayvan
"Moscow-Paris-New York"

Art gallery "K35", Savvinskaya nab. 12 / 6.
March 20 - April 18:
Gunter Brus "ANA", 1964-2004

Instituto Cervantes, Novinsky boulevard, d. 20a.
March 30-April 30:
"Implicated routes"
Chema Madoes, Christina Garcia Rodero, Xavier Ribas, pale, and Rosa, Ohuka Leele, Ferran Freixo, Alberto Garcia Alix, Cristobal Ara, Javier Valonrat, Angel Marcos

SRC "Zverev Museum, Novoryazanskaya st., 29,
March 25 - April 4:
Tatiana Danilyants «Traffic Jam (in traffic)"

Gallery Fine Art ", B. Sadovaya Str., 3, k.10.
March 25 - April 30:
Serge Golovach The Human Comedy "

NP Cultural and Educational Center "Bulgakov's House", B. Sadovaya str., 10.
March 27 - April 17:
Vyacheslav Baranov, "Paris ghosts" on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov "Moliere"

Gallery of Helen Wroblewski, Rozhdestvensky blvd, 19.
April 2 - May 15:
Alain Tel'pukhovsky "Azure"

Gallery Meglinskaya, 4 th BANKS OF., 1, p. 6, SRC Winery.
April 7 - May 20:
Igor Mukhin "Garden"

Gallery of the "Victory", Red October, The Marsh Embankment., 4, p. 3.
April 8 - 19 June:
Alexey Titarenko "Black and White St. Petersburg. The manifestation of the unmanifest "

VP-Studio, Gallery of Faith Pogodina, Wed Kislovsky lane. 5 / 6, Entrance 2, code 39;
April 12 - May 8:
Tatiana Antoshina "Alice and Gagarin

Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris and per., 6.
1 May - 10 May:
Paris-Petersburg: Vyacheslav Baranov (St. Petersburg)
- Arina Kuznetsova (Paris)

GMG Gallery Marina Goncharenko, Leontievskiy per. D.2A
May 18 - June 15:
Valery Katsuba "Air flight - the shock of the body"

Date: 20/03/2010


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