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Russian cuisine

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Every tourist knows that it is not enough only to visit museums in order to get acquainted with a country and with a nation – the important part of national life is cuisine. So do not forget to write into your cultural program several pleasant visits to cafes or restaurants which offer Russian cuisine.

So, what should you taste?

Because of weather conditions in Russia –long cold winter and short summer – canned food is traditionally served during snack – pickles, marinaded garlic, a sourcrout, marinaded mushrooms, sea kale. The well-known Russian dish is herring under a layer of beet, garlic and mayonnaise.

First course
The first association among soups is borsch. Beet soup with vegetables on a meat broth is not only Russian, but also Ukrainian, Belarusian and even Polish national dish: so you can kill two (four?) birds with one stone. It is also necessary to taste sour shchi with cabbage on a meat broth, rassolnik (a soup from pickles), ukha from fish and okroshka – cold soup from vegetables with the kvass, filled with sour cream. The last sounds disastrous for those who never tried okroshka, but believe: nothing will cool you better than okroshka in hot weather.

Second course
The first second dish (excuse me for tautology) which you should try is, certainly, blini or pancakes. Since ancient times Russian people love blini, one of old slavic holidays is even with them – Maslenitsa, also known as Pancake week, after all round thin blini are associated with the sun. Pancakes move with a various stuffing: sour cream, honey, berries, vegetables, meat, fish or caviar.
Another traditional Russian dish – pelmeni – is a boiled dish made of unleavened dough with minced meat with onion filling. Pelmeni can also be cooked with potatoes or with any other filling. Italian ravioli are relatives of our Russian pelmeni. Sometimes pelmeni are not boiled, but fried. They can also be served with broth.
Porridge is often served as a separate dish for breakfast or as garnish for dinner and supper. Great variety of porridge exist - buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal. Porridge is served with different flavors: sour cream, salt, oil, sugar or jam.

It is impossible to imagine a festive Russian table without a samovar and all kinds of pies. Hot pies, with cabbage, potato, apples – Russian fairy tale can hardly manage without them. Sweet pies go with tea; meat and vegetable pies – with broth. Spice-cakes (the well-known Tula pryaniki) and Easter cakes (kalachi) are also served with tee. Both of them are prepared from the condensed dough with mix of nuts, honey, raisin, candied fruits, jam and various spices.

What drink is first associates with Russia? What did you say? Vodka? It is of course necessary to try Vodka or samogon, but, please, not to mach, if you are not used to it. Also do not forget that alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health! Such kinds of drinks are traditionally Russian: sbiten' – a hot drink from water, honey and spices, sometimes alcoholic; kvass - the low alcohol drink made as a result of not complete spirit or spirit and lactic fret of mash. Kvass has pleasant, freshening taste, it is good for digestion, improves metabolism, has good influence on cardiovascular system; honey and mors – a berry drink with water and sugar.

As you can see, Russian cuisine can please visitors with wide variety of dishes, and not all of them are mentioned above.

Bon appétit!


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